10 Best Autumn Sangria Recipes

An Irish restaurant called The Bull & Thistle use to serve apple sangria in the Fall. It was perfect on those warm days in September where I was craving autumn foods and foliage but the weather was not cooperating. Unfortunately that little Irish Pub our family frequented has closed. Their sangria was Chardonnay based and the closest I have come to replicating their recipe is the Apple Pie Sangria below.

I have compiled a list of the ten best seasonal Autumn sangrias. I threw a few spiced wines in the list as well.

Choose a Sangria from the list below and scribble down the ingredients to polish off your grocery list for the upcoming weekend.

1. Autumn Fig Sangria

2. Apple Pie Sangria

3. Apple Sangria with Pomegranates

4. Citrus and Cider Sangria

5. Pear and Cinnamon Sangria

6. Biltmore Pumpkin Spice Sangria

7. Pumpkin Cranberry Sangria

8. Red Wine Apple Cider

9. Milled Wine Base Recipe

10. Mulled Blackberry Wine Cider

This time of year I typically buy cinnamon sticks in bulk. You can add a cinnamon sugar rum to your wine glasses for extra credit.

Sangria is always delicious on it’s own. It also goes well with a meal of banger’s and mash or bubble and squeak.