2016 Viognier from Veritas in Monticello

Vineyard: Veritas in Monticello

Variety: Viognier

Cost: $25

Region: Virginia

Food Pairing Suggestions: Oysters, sausage, potato apple gratin

My Tasting Notes: Sweet on the nose, juicy peaches, honeysuckle, ripe bananas, salty ocean air, crisp honey finish

Sponsored Post: A bottle of wine provided for tasting.

Veritas rightfully calls Viognier the white wine of Virginia. This bottle of 2016 from Monticello is lush with sweet juicy peaches on the nose, notes of honeysuckle, banana bread, salty ocean air, and a crisp honey finish.

Some Virginia wines are best chilled but this wine comes to life at a temperature that is cool but not cold. Serving it too cold causes the delicate notes of the wine to be lost. Pull it from your wine fridge and let it sit for about two hours before pouring.

One thing most true wine lovers have in common is a desire for the good life. Slow living and savoring each moment. As my appreciation for wine has grown so has my attention to detail with more thoughtful meal planning, local farmers market shopping, and using more seasonal and simple ingredients.

Veritas Winery has a fine dining farm experience that is always local and seasonal. Their menu for next week is listed below.


Local  Rabbit Sausage with House Sourdough, Pickled Apples, Onion, Pepper and French’s Yellow

Paired with Viognier 2017


Local Golden Beets with Peach Butter, Labne, Spiced Honey, and Upland Cress

Paired with Saddleback Chardonnay 2017


7 Hills Filet Mignon, Red potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Demi Glace

Paired with Vintners Reserve 2015


Butternut Squash Ice Cream with Pecan Streusel, White Chocolate Bavarios, Rosemary and Smoked Maple Syrup

Paired with Kenmar

If you are not able to escape to Veritas for next week’s autumn pairing menu, I recommend making a potato apple gratin at home served with sausage from your local green market. A hearty potato gratin cooked in a cast iron skillet is one of my favorite meals for a Sunday supper. You could even add a small side of greens as well or take a cue from the menu above and serve a side of roasted beets or cress salad.