Virginia Dare 2016 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Vineyard: Virginia Dare Winery owned by the Coppola family

Variety: Chardonnay

Cost: $25

Region: Russian River Valley, California

Food Pairing Suggestions: Chicken or lobster ravioli, alfredo and butter sauces, sea scallops, rotisserie chicken, Parmesan, flatbreads with roasted vegetables, corn cakes

My Tasting Notes: Banana cream pie, crisp lemon zest, wood grilled pineapple, vanilla, clove, nutmeg

Sponsored Post: A bottle of wine provided for tasting.

This California chardonnay is slightly sweet, oaked, buttery, and well balanced. The richness of this wine with notes of banana cream pie, lemon zest, and caramelized pineapple is made for cream sauces, parmesan cheese, lobster ravioli and sea scallops.

The Coppola family have a restaurant along with Virginia Dare Winery that serves American Native food. Werowocomoco has a menu with rotisserie prairie chicken, wood grilled corn on the cob and flat breads to pair perfectly with this chardonnay. A beautiful combination of local wine and local heritage food.

According to a four hundred year old legend, Virginia Dare was the first baby born in 1587 among a group of colonists. All that remains of the colony is a single word “Croatoan” inscribed on a fence post. The colony vanished but stories were passed down of beautiful Virginia Dare living among the Native Americans, killed because of a tragic love triangle. The legend peaked the interest of Francis and Eleanor Coppola and the winery was purchased and revitalized to preserve the legend and local wine heritage.

Photos 2 to 5 by Virginia Dare Winery.