Effingham 2016 Kings Ransom Red Blend

Vineyard: Effingham Manor and Winery

Variety: Red Blend

Cost: $39

Region: Virginia

Food Pairing Suggestions: Pork tenderloin baked in a dark fruit jam with wild rice and roasted pumpkin

My Tasting Notes: Earthy, woodsy, raspberries on the nose with notes of ripe juicy raspberries, pipe tobacco, blackberries, and cinnamon

Sponsored Post: A bottle of wine provided for tasting.

Effingham Manor and Winery is rich in history and a beautiful example of why Virginia is one of my favorite wine regions. The state of Virginia houses delicious locally produced wines and is steeped in colonial heritage.

Effingham Manor was established in 1767 and the history is documented in an article by John Hagarty. “Effingham Manor was built by William Alexander, great-grandson of John Alexander for whom the city of Alexandria was named. At the age of 21, William married Sigismunda Mary Massie in 1765. Massie had previously turned down a marriage proposal from the teenaged George Washington thinking the lad too young to wed.

The exterior of this mansion has housed generations of family, remaining similar to how it looks today. I can easily picture a warm autumn afternoon over one hundred years ago with children running through the yard and adults sipping wine on the porch. This is the romantic allure of historic Virginia.

Effingham produces several exceptional wines, and raspberries are center stage in King’s Ransom. This wine has the scent of raspberries and the first sip is an initial burst of ripe juicy raspberries following with earthy, woodsy notes, pipe tobacco, and cinnamon to balance the freshness of the dark fruit.

Be mindful of the raspberry notes when pairing this wine. It is lovely with a pork tenderloin roasted in black fruit jam, served with wild rice and roasted pumpkin. King’s Ransom is a gold medal winning red blend. The fruitiness enhances goat chèvre. I also love it with this recipe of healthy roast chicken topped with goat cheese, and pistachios.